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A2a Cessna 172 Download Free [NEW]

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A2a Cessna 172 Download Free

File Description:The Colombian Air Force or FAC is the Air Force of the Republic of Colombia. The Colombian Air Force (FAC) is one of the three institutions of the Armed Forces of Colombia.It is one of the largest Latin American air forces and increased activity due to its important role in the fight against narco-terrorism. The school use t 41 mescalero is the militar version of cessna 172. Textures in DDS format for the payware A2A Simulations Accu-sim C172 model. Repaint by: Manuel Jose, Contact Ground. Happy flights.

Filename:a2a_cessna_c172_gair_portugal_cs-dgx.zipLicense:Freeware, limited distributionAdded:15th October 2014, 00:17:25Downloads:154Author:Joao GouveiaSize:14562kb

File Description:EC-KKL is one of "thousands" (seems like it anyway) of C172s operated by Gestair's Flying Academy. This one is based in Seville. They have schools in Spain, Portugal and Chile. I picked KKL to paint....well, because. :-)This paint is freeware, for the payware A2A C172R.

File Description:This paint is a fictional paint based on an actual paint scheme in metallic Blue and Red. The download includes a custom VC. Textures only. You need to own a legal copy of the C182T from A2A.

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