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How to Build a Bedini Motor and Download the PDF Guide

How to Build a Bedini Motor and Download the PDF Guide

A Bedini motor is a type of pulse motor that uses a transistor to switch a coil on and off, creating a magnetic field that rotates a wheel with magnets. The coil also charges a battery bank with the excess energy generated by the pulses. The Bedini motor was invented by John Bedini, an American inventor and researcher in the field of free energy and alternative energy sources.

Bedini Motor Bauanleitung Pdf Downloadl

If you want to build your own Bedini motor and learn more about how it works, you can download a PDF guide that provides schematics, material lists, assembly instructions, operating procedures and tips. The PDF guide is based on the work of Sanja Smud, who published a document titled "Bedini - Schematics and Starter Guide" on[^1^]. The guide also includes some updates and modifications by Lee, another experimenter who shared his insights on the Bedini motor.

To download the PDF guide, you can visit this link[^2^] and follow the instructions. You will need to create an account on, a platform that allows users to share their recommendations for products and services. You will also need to provide your email address and confirm your subscription to receive the download link. Alternatively, you can also access the PDF guide directly from this link[^3^], which is hosted on, a Microsoft service that lets users create interactive presentations.

Building a Bedini motor can be a fun and educational project that can teach you about electromagnetism, electronics and energy conservation. You can also use it to charge your batteries or power other devices. However, please be careful when handling high voltages and currents, and follow the safety precautions in the guide. Also, do not expect to get more energy out of the system than you put in, as that would violate the laws of physics. The Bedini motor is not a perpetual motion machine or a free energy device, but rather an efficient and innovative way of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bedini motor and other related topics, you can also check out some of the references listed at the end of the PDF guide. Some of them are books and articles by John Bedini himself, where he explains his theories and experiments in detail. Others are websites and forums where you can find more information and discussions about the Bedini motor and other pulse motors. You can also watch some videos on YouTube that show how to build and test different versions of the Bedini motor.

The Bedini motor is one of the many examples of how human creativity and curiosity can lead to new discoveries and inventions. By exploring the possibilities of alternative energy sources and technologies, we can expand our knowledge and improve our lives. The Bedini motor may not be a miracle solution to our energy problems, but it is certainly a fascinating and inspiring device that deserves more attention and recognition. 29c81ba772


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