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Toate Panzele Sus: A Romanian Adventure Film Based on a Classic Novel

Toate Panzele Sus: A Romanian Adventure Film Based on a Classic Novel

Toate Panzele Sus (All Sails Up) is a Romanian television series that was produced between 1975 and 1977 by the National Television of Romania (TVR). It consists of 12 episodes, each about 45 minutes long, and it is an adaptation of the novel with the same name, Toate Panzele Sus!, by the writer Radu Tudoran. The novel was published in 1954 and it is considered one of the most popular and successful adventure novels in Romanian literature.

The series follows the adventures of two friends, two engineers, who studied together, the Romanian Anton Lupan and the French Pierre Vaillant. The Frenchman appears only in Lupan's memories, as he disappeared mysteriously during a voyage on their schooner L'Esperance (The Hope). Lupan goes in search of his friend and his ship, without knowing that they were attacked by pirates in the Black Sea, near the port of Sulina, where he finds the ship wrecked near the lighthouse. Lupan decides to repair the ship and to continue the journey that he and Vaillant had planned: to explore a unknown territory of Tierra del Fuego, where those who tried to penetrate either died or returned, after terrible trials, without succeeding to investigate it.

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Lupan gathers around him a small crew of six men (Lupan, Ieremia, Haralamb, Gherasim, Busuioc and Ismail), a teenager (Mihu), a woman (Adnana) and a dog (in the book NegrilÄ, but in the film LÄbuÈ). They have to face many challenges, such as Moorish pirates, storms and hurricanes, and later trying to get out of trouble the cook Ismail, who gets into trouble by making unwise bets on cockfights, in the ports of Latin America.

The series is a tribute to friendship, solidarity, courage and curiosity. It is also a homage to the maritime culture and history of Romania, as well as to the beauty and diversity of nature. The series was filmed in various locations in Romania, Greece, France, Egypt, Uruguay and Argentina. It features a cast of famous Romanian actors, such as Ion Besoiu, Ilarion Ciobanu, Jean Constantin, Sebastian Papaiani and Mircea Albulescu.

Toate Panzele Sus is a film that can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages. It is a classic example of adventure cinema that combines action, humor, romance and drama. It is also a valuable piece of Romanian cultural heritage that deserves to be rediscovered and appreciated by new generations.

The series was directed by Mircea MureÈan, who also wrote the screenplay together with Radu Tudoran, the author of the novel. The music was composed by Temistocle Popa, who created memorable themes for each character and situation. The cinematography was done by Nicolae Girardi and Alexandru David, who captured the stunning landscapes and seascapes of the different locations. The editing was done by Yolanda MÃntulescu and Elena SÃrbu, who managed to create a smooth and coherent narrative.

The series was a huge success when it was first broadcasted on TVR in 1977. It attracted millions of viewers, who were captivated by the story and the characters. It also received critical acclaim and won several awards, such as the ACIN Award for Best TV Series in 1978 and the APTR Award for Best TV Series in 1979. The series was also shown in other countries, such as France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Israel.

Toate Panzele Sus is a film that has remained in the collective memory of many Romanians, who grew up watching it or discovered it later. It is a film that has inspired generations of adventurers, dreamers and explorers. It is a film that has shown the world the talent and creativity of Romanian cinema. It is a film that deserves to be watched and enjoyed by anyone who loves a good adventure. 29c81ba772


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