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Bright Lord

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The Bright lordPerson's InformationTitlesThe Bright Lord The Golden King The Soulfire God Au'thwahim HomeStrauvAlignmentLGPortfolioLight Nobility Wrath Valor Honor WorshipperPaladins Outsiders Inquisitors WarriorsNoblesCleric AlignmentsLGLNNGDomainsSunGloryFireSubdomainsLightHeroismWeaponLongspearSymbolDawning SunSacred AnimalHawkSacred ColorsWhite, Gold "The days when men looked to the sky and knew no fear has come to an end. The light of hope that shone upon all has gone down, behind the mountains, into shadow...Only we can return the world to what it once was, and bring back the fearless eyes of man that once looked up to the sky.".

- Haulden is the divine herald of The Bright Lord and currently the only one. He is described as a towering sun giant blessed with divine power and soulfire. He wears immaculate golden armor with many spikes that resemble the rays of the sun and a huge greatsword of burning light. As a herald, Haulden represents the divine wrath of the bright lord given form and such has a short temper and patience for both evil and non-followers of his lord. As for the faithful, Haulden urges Valor in all actions, just as the bright lord does, and has been known to help inspire and move the faithful to action against the evils of the world.

For many, simply serving The Bright Lord is enough, but there are some who wish to rise within the ranks of the church to become commanders and lords in their own right. To this end, the church urges both loyalty and dedication to the fight against evil, but most of all is urges to be valorous in all things. Since The Bright Lord is a deity of valor and glory, the church will actively seek out true leaders who posses valor unequal to their piers and raise them to the highest of ranks, thus creating what the church considers to be true heroes and paragons of the faith, allowing their fame and glory to spread faith to new lands and attract the attention of other nascent heroes to the following as well.

Though there are plenty of the faithful who choose to remain simply as church goes or clerics of the cathedral, there are many more who choose to serve the bright lord to a higher level, for these followers and potential paladins they join one of the three orders that make up the bulk of the church. The three orders are each specialized in dealing with different types of evil that make up the total "darkness" that has taken hold of the world and beyond, and unlike the rest of the church, these three orders are highly organized and ran as a military with various ranks and chains of command, each led by a single Grand Exarch.

An paralleled leader and warrior; the Grand Exarch herself is known as a strict, fervent follower of the bright lord and a hot heated paladin. Her will and determination is beyond compare in the church, having dealt with the horrors of the abyss head on and surviving. Her strength of faith is so much that she stands as one of the only followers of the faith to ever be granted the gift of soulfire.

The People's Wrath - A stanch enemy against evil and honorable above anything else, the warriors of the people's wrath are natural allies to the bright lord and his faith. Though their lack of order can sometimes be seen as bothersome and problematic. 59ce067264


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